Our Services

Our Methodology:  Design, Implement, Analyze

Online marketing is hard work, but the rewards are substantial. VMS uses a battle-tested approach to big data which is proven to deliver superior results based on empirical data – not assumptions. We never stop working for you.

  • Design - websites, landing pages, email templates, PPC campaigns, content, and beyond
  • Implement - coordinate and deploy fully-integrated marketing collateral and campaigns
  • Analyze - non-stop data analysis that drives campaign performance and controls costs
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// Big Data

Big Data

Your marketing is only as good as your data. Data comes in many forms and provides context when making important marketing decisions. Our groundbreaking solution incorporates data ranging from PersonicX Clusters (age, spending habits, etc), to geographical considerations, and extends to circumstantial factors such as marriage or foreclosure. We put big data into actionable context.

// Stats & Reporting

Stats and Reporting

Capitalize on every click, prospect, and opportunity. Analyze current customers, web traffic, trade area(s), prospects, and infrastructure to identify and capitalize on opportunities in real-time. Our reporting leads to better customers, higher impression share, and unmatched conversion rates.

// Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Content is king (when the content is appealing). Content is an umbrella term used to describe countless forms of information – from business whitepapers, to products, and entertainment. Content (information) is the catalyst for all internet search and eCommerce activity. Our first-rate content is designed to connect with your target audience, rank high within SERPs, and share via social networks. No matter the media type, our content is designed to increase awareness, drive higher conversion rates, and ultimately generate revenue.

  • Powerful, relevant, and actionable data
  • Geographic targeting; Population analytics
  • Enhanced customer connections and responsiveness
  • Eliminate wasted ad spend
  • Convert more clicks into cash
  • Implement far-reaching optimization
  • All types of content (whitepapers, video, etc)
  • Optimized for target audience and topic
  • Designed for social sharing and SEO

// Email Marketing

Email Marketing

A constant connection to potential clients. With the explosion of smart phone and tablet usage, email messages deliver to contacts more quickly than ever -- even when they're on the go. Email marketing is also key component nearly all successful integrated marketing efforts. With powerful copy, persuasive offers, and a targeted audience, email marketing drives results.

// Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Networking is a good thing. Social media is now an integral part of daily life for many individuals and business professionals. From Facebook to LinkedIn, your social media presence shows the world who you are, what you have to offer, and how well-received your business is among others. With a strong social media presence, and the ability to appeal to new “likes” and “followers”, your business is better positioned for growth and can quickly communicate with a vast network business contacts.

// Targeted Direct Mail

Targeted Direct Mail

Your message, delivered into prospects’ hands. Dollar for dollar, direct mail is still one of the most effective marketing platforms. And now, with sophisticated big-data driven customer profiles, you can reach the ideal prospects at the right time. From spending habits, to credit ratings, and countless other attributes, we can build your mailing list and deliver powerful offers directly to the customers who matter most.

  • HTML design, sales copy, and content
  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Enhanced Open and Click Through rates
  • Pass the social media “eye test”
  • Maintain and enhance business relationships
  • Connect with new clients and distribute content
  • Laser-targeted and saturation mail options
  • Results and performance tracking
  • Client acquisition or retention campaigns


// PPC Campaigns

PPC Campaigns

We take PPC to another level. Nobody competes with our BIG DATA-defined strategies that yield the best customers. Our PPC methodologies include historical traffic and keyword analysis, ad copy optimization, landing page performance, and even nationwide "impression to sale" heat mapping. Simply put, no other marketing service can deliver better performance or more impression share.

// Website Development

Website Development

Lackluster website? Don’t waste marketing dollars. If your website doesn’t convert, don’t waste ad dollars driving traffic. Let our experienced web development team build or overhaul your website, with a focus on search engine optimization and conversion performance. Our process maximizes NET REVENUE PER ACTION for every visitor to your site. It takes great marketing and a great website to maximize your ROI.

  • Non-stop performance tracking and analysis
  • Custom, campaign-specific ad copy and landing pages
  • Deep optimization to reduce cost per click
  • Get noticed and generate more leads
  • Streamline user experience and eCommerce funnels
  • Project the ideal image to the right audience